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The Abandoned Part

The Abandoned Part

The Abandoned Part
The Abandoned Part
Summary: The long awaited debut album by the progressive metal outfit DYED IN GREY has finally arrived. 9 Tracks that are sure to lead the listener through a labyrinth of insight, catharsis, and wonder. THE ABANDONED PART is a mellifluous exploration into the human experience guided by intricate harmonies and devastating heaviness. Unpredictable yet strikingly evocative, DYED IN GREY is privileged to share with you their most sincere offering... and their is only more to come. Please Enjoy! Track List: 1. Another Obsession 01:49 2. An Excerpt of Nothing 05:08 3. Blackened Me 06:15 4. Filth 03:55 5. Sphere of Light 06:34 6. Fields of Govan 05:16 7. DeadHead 04:24 8. Skyload 04:34 9. The Abandoned Part 07:04

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