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Son Of Skarhead

Son Of Skarhead

Son Of Skarhead
Son Of Skarhead
Summary: Skam Dust from the womb of Skarhead is a thunder bolt of terror, internationally known and locally hated is here to sabotage the stage. Your favorite hero got his start when he was on the lamb touring with the infamous Skarhead in the mid 90's and that is how he got a better taste of N.Y.H.C. a partner in crime with Lord Ezec from Jackson Heights. Skam Dust grew up in Corona with Hoya from Madball and was always in trouble. Skam and his older brother Nom used to bomb the system with the legendary Mque One. Skam was destined to rock the mic and stir up chaos in the underground with his brothers from the world famous D.M.S. Crew. After the legendary Skarhead tour, Lord Ezec told Skam he should start a band and then Son Of Skam was born. Son Of Skam did a few things here and there but never really went full throttle with the music. With 3 other singers in the group Skam needed to do his own s... and show the world how his crazy Cuban/Dominican ass destroys the mic. So 2008, Lord Ezec a.k.a Danny Diablo calls up Skam Dust and tells him to set it off! Skam Dust will share his pain through fat beats, now you will get to understand the psychotic mind of Skam Dust as he murders these tracks. So Lord Ezec now brings the heat and flys Skam Dust to L.A. to Nigel Starr's studio and they bang out a dope ass EP. Skam Records with Natasha Nicholson (Eye-Ra-Haze), CeeKay Jones (The ShotBlockers, D.M.S.), Grizz Rock (Ruff Ryders, The ShotBlockers) and R&B singer/songwriter JayR. With Nigel Starr on the boards and Ezec cracking the whip on the animal known as Skam Dust, Skam Dust is ready to rock. Now Skam Dust has an EP which will drop on Eulogy records this year and is produced by Lord Ezec. This is true Thug-Core straight from The Rotten Apple. Listen to Hardcore O.G. Danny Diablo when he spits on this record and says Now Listen How My Man Skam Dust Gets Down. SKAM DUST, FROM THE WOMB OF SKARHEAD STRAIGHT TO YOUR M..... F...... FACE.

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    Artist :
    Record Label : Eulogy Recordings
    Release Date : 2008-08-28
    Type : Music


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    • New Music Record Skam Dust

      New Music Record Skam Dust "Son Of Skarhead" CD

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    • SKAM DUST - Son Of Skarhead - CD - Ep - **Excellent Condition**

      SKAM DUST - Son Of Skarhead - CD - Ep - **Excellent Condition**

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