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Psycho Too! 1987-1996 Discography

$16.41Psycho Too! 1987-1996 Discography

Psycho Too! 1987-1996 Discography
Psycho Too! 1987-1996 Discography
Summary: Formed in the borough of Queens, NY in 1984. RAMONES, KILLING TIME, CRO-MAGS & "Whiplash" era METALLICA meet the Twilight Zone. Gotta be one of the most under-rated and original bands from the mid to late 80's New York hardcore scene. Essential!! Clever, streetwise and funny lyrics about everything from insects, to war, to work and every day life. Features their mega-rare 1988 LP, their unreleased 2nd album's material and their compilation tracks from the 1987 v/a ROIR "Scum Rock" cassette and the infamous 1989 v/a NYHC "Where The Wild Things Are" LP. Also a couple live tracks from Johnny Stiff's WNYU "Crucial Chaos" radio show. Covers of the RAMONES, The SIX AND VIOLENCE, JOHN DENVER?, and their classic version of "Gilligan" by the always wonderful GEORGE TABB. Pheck cover art, full color 16 page booklet w/ tons of great rare photos, lyrics, anecdotes, flyer art. Everything but the scuzzy shoes & flannel tied around your waist. 23 tracks - 16 page full color booklet.

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