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Nyhc: Where The Wild Things Are

$21.82Nyhc: Where The Wild Things Are
Nyhc: Where The Wild Things Are
Summary: Besides the legendary Revelation compilation, this is considered to be THE classic New York hardcore compilation of the late 80's. The band line-up speaks for itself: Gorilla Biscuits, Sheer Terror, Life's Blood, Breakdown, Outburst, Raw Deal, Maximum Penalty, N.B.S.H. and Uppercut, and it's almost all unavailable elsewhere. Reissued after all this time (originally released in 1989) on 140 gram blue vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve! Remastered loud and heavy so it rocks! This will now be a vinyl and download-only release, the CD is long out of print!

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    Record Label : Noiseville
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    Type : Music