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Hellbound Misery Torment

$9.99Hellbound Misery Torment

Hellbound Misery Torment
Hellbound Misery Torment
Summary: 25 Ta Life, the seminal, driving force that has defined hardcore for nearly a decade is back with their first completely new full length album in over three years Hellbound Misery Torment. Replete with a totally revamped line-up, fresh off a triumphant world tour, 25 Ta Life front man Rick Ta Life has assembled eleven new songs to complement his already rich discography, a raucous collection that represent an artistic culmination of 25 Ta Life's hard work, creativity, and commitment to the scene.

Filled with hard driving guitars, relentless guttural drums, and the in-your-face vocal style, Rick Ta Life guides the listener through his own personal pain and torment, attacking his not so vague demons, the rites of betrayal and celebrating the joys of friendship. What makes this album truly remarkable, is the refined productions skills and improved instrumentalists, an effort that has evolved the band into hardcore's most adept performers. Adding to the superior musicianship is full throttle sound that gives sonic force to the record from beginning to end. In short Hellbound Misery Torment is 25 Ta Life's best work to date.

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    Record Label : Back Ta Basics
    Release Date : 2005-01-27
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