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Haterz be Dammed

$10.98Haterz be Dammed

Haterz be Dammed
Haterz be Dammed
Summary: For fans of 25 Ta Life, one of the most ferocious, tenacious energized straightedge bands ever comes the ultimate collection of band material to date HATERZ BE DAMNED. Offering up new songs, rare tacks and tons of out of print material, the album is culmination of the bands spirits, energy, and prolific writing skills. Featuring 21 cuts from a variety of out of print, hard to find rare material from over a decade of recording this is the definitive 25 Ta Life collection, a gauntlet like overview of the hardcore scene through the pipes of raging frontman Rick Ta Life.

Of particular interest for fans are songs excerpted from splits with well-known bands such as SLANG and SPAZZ, as well a tracks of the classic comp New York Hardcore 2. Also included are rare, hard to find cuts from the now out of print album Keepin’ It Real, excepts from their last album Best of friends/enemies, and unreleased songs accumulated from grinding out music throughout the world.

For the most complete, ridiculous and over the top collection of 25 Ta Life gems ever, pick up Haterz Be Damned and unleash your straight-core demons.

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    Artist :
    Record Label : Back Ta Basics
    Release Date : 2004-02-11
    Type : Music