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Summary: Since their inception in 2001, Textures - Jochem Jacobs, guitarist Bart Hennephof, drummer Stef Broks, bassist Dennis Aarts and synth maestro Richard Rietdijk - decided the only way to capture the full momentum of their collective creativity was to be involved in every aspect of crafting their 2003 debut album Polars. From production right through to artwork, the band's meticulous endeavors explosively emerged as a melting pot of polyrhythmic attacks combined with soaring melody. A beast was born. They've continued this approach and built upon their complex and innovative style on their Nuclear Blast debut, Duality. One of the leaders of the "djent" movement which fuses progressive, technical death and groove metal with metalcore, Textures are a breath of fresh air in the often stagnant extreme metal world. Catch them on their maiden US tour this Sept/Oct with Periphery, The Human Abstract and The Contortionist.

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    Artist :
    Record Label : Nuclear Blast America
    Release Date : 2012-05-15
    Type : Music