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New York Hardcore (NYHC) refers to hardcore punk and metalcore music created in New York City and to the subculture associated with that music. Though New York City played a central role in the development of early punk rock, the hardcore scene came to New York relatively late compared to other major cities, though an important scene finally did emerge in 1981. The scene has been focused around venues such as CBGBs and ABC No Rio. The New York scene was home to most of the early influential Youth crew bands, such as Youth of Today, Sick of it All, Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Side By Side, and later bands like Shelter and Judge.

However, not all bands in the NYHC scene actually reside in the city; other areas of the scene include suburban Long Island, southern Connecticut and northern New Jersey. In the 2000s, these areas outside the city have become an even bigger hotbed for punk rock, hardcore and their various subgenres than the city of New York. Albany, New York has hosted many hardcore bands at all ages concerts organized by Combined Effort, a non-profit, DIY group run by Dave Stein (Albany Style ), Jason O'Toole (Life's Blood) and Sam McPheeters (Born Against). Many 1980s NYHC bands have been criticized for their lack of touring statewide, preferring that the fans should come to them. This attitude has changed since the formation of the scene.

Part 1

New York City's East Village today has become a commercialized section of French retaurants and boutiques,but back in 1980 it was Dodge City.whole areas were off limits to white suburban kids unless they went there to cop drugs like heroin or crack cocaine.Alphabet City was the name given to Avenues A,B,C and D.A neighborhood of burnt out buildings and homeboys cruising the streets looking for victims





Part 2:

The Early 80's America was gripped by severe recession by 1980.High unemployment made life unsure and bleek to the country's youth.NYC was in the minds of most suburban folks a scary,scary place filled with hostile natives,drug addicts and run down buildings.But to a few adverturous types it was a big urban disneyland.



Part 3




There were a thousand stories in NYHC,this was through my eyes Two cultural events occured in music during the 80s.Hip-hop/Rap scene that came from the infamous south Bronx and Hollis Queens,with it break dancing and an outlaw art form called graffiti (or bombing,throw-ups,tagging,burners,writing)The music ended up becoming a billion dollar business industry and a major success


Part 4 1981-82




By this time the national scene was moving pretty quickly.Bands like Negative Approach from Detroit,Jerrys Kids and the FUs from Boston,Black Flag from L.A. and tons of bands from the Washington DC area started giving shape to a new style punk underground.The band D.O.A. from Canada came out with a total thrash album called "Hardcore" in '81 which is the earliest known reference to the term describing this music I could find to date


Part 5

NYHC was starting to rule. Matinee Madness 1982-88 new pics! Up to this time most of the Hardcore shows were mostly happening at clubs and bars that lasted late into the night.So Hilly Crystal,the owner of CBGBs and Connie,who booked the shows there,started booking Saturday afternoons so younger fans of hardcore could catch all the latest bands coming through NYC.The result was not only good for the out of town bands,but also became a showcase for the new young talent from the area.(Later it was moved to Sundays so Saturday night shows wouldnt be affected by the matinees running late)


History Of N.Y.H.C. Rock Hotel 1984-86


A cultural vortex is when elements of people,ideas,trends,conditions come together through a chain of events and luck to form a unique era.But as soon as it comes together is when it starts to unravel




It wouldnt be a complete history of the NY scene without mentioning the influence of the skinhead culture.If you ask ten skinheads what it means to be one,expect ten different answers.But there are definite rules and codes to being a skinhead.One is PRIDE.Some refer to pride in being part of the working class,rather than being on welfare or living off anothers wealth.Others refer to Pride of unity amoung their fellow associates,whether drinking in a bar,going to shows ,or standing together in a fight.And then there are those whos pride runs with their racial (or racist) beliefs "Nazi punks...FUCK OFF!" Dead Kennedys


History of NYHC Part 9-Blood in the Streets

By '86-'87 the NYHC scene was at the stage where the first generation was moving up and out as the second was making its presence known.The people and the bands that made up the days from 82 were either getting higher recognition or had moved on.Agnostic Front,the Cro-Mags,MMurphy's Law were putting out albums and started touring outside of the east coast area.Newer bands like Underdog,Youth Defence League,Warzone,Youth of Today,Supertouch,Leeway,Token Entry had moved up in local prominence to fill the void.


Part 10 Blunt Trauma and Cold Steel


In order for me to illustrate this chapter,I'll be taking a personal view From its beginnining the NY scene had its share of fighting and violence.All punk scenes did.Mosh pits are violent affairs,what with people crashing into each other at breakneck speed,some dont take kindly to a stranger suddenly wacking them in the balls or face with a thrashing fist,or to get their heads stepped on by stage divers.Though some would say those are the rules,there really arent any rules.You never know when your joyous dancing is gonna wind up getting you smacked in the head and possibly trampled by someone and all his friends.Thats life in the pit.


Part 11 RE-IGNITION:The 90's

Epilog-"Those that dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it." As you can see from all the chapters so far,NYHC was a mix of fun,craziness,fame,tragedy and urban adventure for lots of people that were there to experience it.The scene was not static.It changed everyday,different people came and went as did the bands and their music.Everytime someone says hardcore is dead,it re-emerges somewhere,and probably will continue to re-emerge because its a helluva lot of fun,and fun never goes out of style More...

History of N.Y.H.C. Part 12 Re-ignition :the 90's

The dark days set in after the violence of '88.


If you watch any of those cheesy music shows on Mtv,whenever they talk about the music of the 80's,all they can come up with is Madonna,Run DMC and a Flock of Seagulls.The Corporate music industry had no idea what was going on inside the true American music scene.It was occuring in small clubs across the country on a small,personal level where they couldnt get their greedy hands on it.Until they got a look at it on the "Geraldo Show",scenes of skinheads punching Geraldo in his nose.Very politically incorrect.


NYHC bands

Making A Scene


Making a Scene: New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics & Commentary Revisited 1985-1988




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