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Perfect SelfEvery Given MomentWorld Goes 'roundEvery Given Moment by Stereomud (2003-05-21)Perfect Self by StereomudDiscovery #2 - Pain and Suffering (DVD Single) by Union UndergroundNo Shirt No Shoes No X Games [Enhanced] by Tantric, Xzibit, X-Ecutioners, Tha Links, Stereomud, Static-X, Prodigy of Mobb D (2001-01-01)FMQB SUPER CD SAMPLER VOLUME 35 APRIL 2001 HOSTED BY KIOC BEAUMONT'S DEBBIE WYLDE WYLDE IN TEXAS!FMQB MODERN ROCK MAY 2001 JOHN MICHAEL'S LAST MINUTE SURPRISEPain And Sufering